At The Kapil Sharma Show,

At The Kapil Sharma Show, the Kali Jotta crew is having the best time ever!

Every Saturday and Sunday, The Kapil Sharma Show has evolved into a family-friendly program. Every week, host and comedian Kapil Sharma makes his audience laugh, and the celebrities enjoy themselves while promoting their films. The Kali Jotta gang appeared on Saturday on the Kapil Sharma show. Neeru Bajwa from the cast and Satender Sartaj, a singer, and actress, both attended the performance and couldn’t stop giggling.

Kapil and Neeru Bajwa are flirting

The actress Neeru Bajwa said, “You didn’t invite me before,” when Kapil said, “Your first time came here,” at the beginning of the broadcast. As a result, Kapil was shaken and he stated, “We didn’t know you would accept our invitation.” The comedian mentions Neeru’s earlier movies when talking about her earlier work, pointing out that Neeru remarked that love may happen to anybody and at any age. Do you think that love can continue after marriage? caused the actress to break up.

Kapil recounts a humorous story involving his mother. “I once asked my mum why you’ve grown to be so renowned today, and she answered sure, lots of people keep inviting me,” he said. What should I tell them in terms of money? Consequently, everyone became split. In one of the situations, singer Mika Singh, who lives on the top level of Kapil’s building, once asked his mother over, the actor recalled. “My mother went there and read him some of her poetry. So he presented her with 11,000 rupees out of respect and got her approval. Mother then approached me and stated, “Mika handed me the money.” After hearing it, no one could contain their laughs.

Having fun with Satinder Sartaj and Vijay Kumar Arora

Vijay Kumar Arora and Kapil had a laugh together. The episode included a lot of humorous moments that split the audience in two. Vijay is referred to by everyone as “Dadu” to the uninitiated. This prompted Kapil to offer him a clever question: “Have you ever considered turning your white beard black? Who knows, you could get the nickname “Chachu.”

Movies, according to Satinder Sartaj, were never his first focus. Satinder Sartaj discussed his enthusiasm in one of the episode’s sections. He said that movies were never his top focus. “I’ve always thought I was born for the stage. Live music performances will always be my first passion and affection.

Movies were never my top priority, but I had to accept them because of the movie’s premise (“The Black Prince”). For those without experience, Satinder made his screen debut in 2017’s The Black Prince as Maharaja Duleep Singh. Neeru confesses that he never desired marriage. Neeru said in the episode that he had never intended to be married but had instead fallen in love with Harry and wed Jawandha. Because I’m not one of those romantics and am a very realistic person, she continued, “I never wanted to get married and I always assumed I’d stay single forever.”

Friend as a Life Partner

The bells start ringing, the wind starts blowing, and you get this strange feeling, according to the saying when the love of your life walks in. And to be really honest, all of those things occurred when I first met Harry, and I knew I was going to wed him. After hearing Neeru’s tale, Archana Puran Singh also spoke a bit about his union with Parmeet Sethi.

You are correct that marriages are created in paradise, he remarked. Because of how long-lasting successful marriages are and how couples meet one another, it seems as though God created these partnerships. “When you find the right companion, they will assist you in getting up, and to me, that is Parmeet. He is both my best friend and mine. He not only puts up with my tortures but also backs me up in everything,” he said.

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