Kitten From Biting: 5 Tips

How to Prevent Your Kitten From Biting: 5 Tips

If you own a kitten, you are aware of how cute and entertaining kittens can be. But kittens may also be vicious biters! This is perfectly acceptable since it’s just how they express their adoration. However, if your kitten bites excessively, forcefully, or without any prior warning, it can become a problem. Here are some strategies for preventing cats from biting:


The best approach to keep your kitten active and content is to play with her. You may engage in interactive play with your kitten by utilising a wand toy or laser pointer, or you can use their favourite toy that they haven’t yet damaged. Playtime is a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship with your kitty!

Give Your Kitten Something To Chew On

As you might have imagined, biting is a habit that cats naturally engage in. Kittens that are still learning correct socialising frequently desire to bite their owners or other cats. You should get familiar with the distinction between a play bite and a genuine bite, say the specialists at Vetster. Try giving your cat something to do with its mouth other than biting you to help break this habit (or your furniture).

Use A Quick Deterrent

A few easy and efficient methods exist to stop your cat from biting. The most popular technique is to utilise a loud noise-maker or anything that will move quickly, such as a spray bottle loaded with water or air or even an old-fashioned squirt gun if you have one on hand. Be careful not to injure your kitty, though! She will cease right away as long as she is aware that these acts are equivalent to “no biting.”

Clap And Say No

To deter your cat from biting, the first and most crucial step is to show no emotion. It may seem apparent, but yelling or screaming at your kitten when it bites you will simply make them want to do it more. They will just bite more forcefully and grow angrier with you if you try to pick them up or grab them.

When your kitten is biting, avoid making eye contact with her since doing so can make her think she is doing something wrong when she isn’t.

Run The Other Way When You Have A Chance

Run away if you don’t want your kitty to bite you. When you get the chance, turn around and flee. Play with your cat when they are biting you to prevent them from biting you. If they do bite and/or scratch, stop them from doing so until they are fully trained adult cat who understands how to refrain from biting and/or scratching, unless that is what you want them to do (you weirdo). Stop playing with kitties who are biting your face if one of them is doing it!

You need to first comprehend why your kitty is biting in order to stop them. You may start taking action to stop this behaviour after you understand what makes them bite. Keep in mind that kittens lack the same inhibitions as adult cats have, so unless they develop better behaviours, they will continue to behave badly.

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