Love Of Coffee To Remove Blockages: Shark Tank India 2 Honors Entrepreneurs with a Vision

Love Of Coffee To Remove Blockages: Shark Tank India 2 Honors Entrepreneurs with a Vision

The beginning of Shank Tank India 2 features hopes for a better future. From the creators of Boat headphones, who now control the firm at all levels, to one of the well-known business moguls of, entrepreneurs come to Shark Tank India to raise capital for their ventures. With such a goal in mind, one of the three businesspeople approached the Shark Tank platform with several concepts for the introduction of sharks.

Shark Tank India 2: VS Mani and Co.

The goal of the three entrepreneurs that participated in Shark Tank India 2 was to spread the genuine taste of filter coffee around the world. For 1.5% equity, three Bangalore-based co-founders offered 60 lakhs. His Southern coffee and munchies were well-liked by the sharks, but he generally avoided it since he couldn’t locate enough scales. Anupam Mittal, an investor already, walked off the set.

Namita later made them an offer, and they accepted it for Rs 19 at 1% with a debt of Rs 41 at an interest rate of 10%. He came to Shark Tank with the intention of changing the perception of carefree riding while taking wind and rain into consideration.


Introducing Sepal, a movable wearable for bike riders that provides them with a shield and an upper canopy that protects them from the wind, rain, and other elements while also enabling them to make deliveries in bad weather. Sharks have been considering wearables for their product line, but you may find it unreasonable given that they are asking 10,000 for the product, which is a steep amount to pay. The sharks denied their offer of half the MRP of their goods, but Peyush Bansal made an offer in exchange for 2% stock instead (their offer was for Rs. 50 lakhs for 1% ownership). The Sharks then informed Peyush that it may be a fantastic concept, but he had faith in businesspeople.

India’s Solinas-Shark Tank

Even the co-founder of Solinas, Four Pitches, gave Rs 90 lakhs in exchange for 2% of their company’s capital. They introduced robotic technology to clear sewers and lessen worker fatalities from physically cleaning septic tanks and sewers. To find out what might be done to clean the sewers, they also introduced several robots that could investigate pipes. Amit and Namita first made a debt-reduction offer to them, and then Peyush and Anupam did the same. Anupam and Peush were able to get the transaction at Rs 90 lakhs for 3%.

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