What Are the Different Types of Regenerative Therapy Treatments

What Are the Different Types of Regenerative Therapy Treatments?

Due to the rapid advancements in the medical field, doctors are coming up with new ways to provide more effective treatment options to patients. One specific medical field that witnessed superb growth is the introduction of regenerative medicine. 

Regenerative medicine treatments are dependent on numerous effective techniques to boost the capability of the body at healing its cells and tissues. The healing power of the body is effective at regenerative tissues at the affected parts. 

Even though regenerative medicine is a new field, the possibilities and advantages of regenerative medicine are countless. In this article, we will discuss the different types of regenerative medicine. Without further introduction, let’s get started. 

Stem Cell Treatments 

Stem cell treatments are one of the most popular parts of regenerative medicine where the procedure is dependent on a special type of cell to regenerate or repair the affected parts. Stem cell therapy is super effective at treating the symptoms of back pain while also being effective at healing the tissues available in the spinal discs. Stem cells are one of the most important cells of the body that might not serve a specific purpose but can prove beneficial in terms of healing the affected areas. 

When patients choose stem cell treatment, the doctors will collect the stem cells from the patient’s own blood, fat, and bone marrow. These things will be inserted in a centrifuge. This way the doctors will be able to identify as well as separate the other cells to come up with the right ones that could be used in regenerative medicine purposes. After that, the doctors will inject the cells into the affected areas of the body. For instance, if you need to address back pain, doctors will inject stem cells into your back. As per Healthline, stem cells can replace and repair damaged tissues.

PRP Treatment

This is another famous aspect of regenerative medicine. Human blood contains different types of elements such as red blood cells, platelets, white blood cells, and plasma. The plasma and platelets present in the blood are capable of repairing injuries as well as regenerating cells on the affected parts of your body. 

Doctors usually consider PRP treatments in sports medicine, especially when someone is suffering from tendon injuries. To come up with platelet-rich plasma, the doctors will take blood from the patient. After that, they will develop a concentrated solution that contains more plasma and platelets than regular blood. Most doctors will use a centrifuge to create this specific solution. The doctors will then inject the PRP into the damaged tendon. Make sure you contact QC Kinetix (Torrey Hills) of San Diego to leverage the best benefits of regenerative medicine.

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Cartilage Regeneration 

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions, you need to consider cartilage regeneration as this process will undoubtedly prove extremely effective. With the help of this specific therapy, the affected cartilage of your body can be repaired without any complications. 

Remember that cartilage cannot heal properly due to the absence of blood cells and proper blood supply. Therefore, this specific treatment will prove beneficial.  


These are the different types of regenerative medicine treatments you need to know. Don’t forget to visit our website or contact us if you have more questions. 

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