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Queen’s song makes Nepali females dance to “London Thumakda”!

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The easiest method to relieve tension is to groove to Bollywood melodies. Anybody can groove to Indian songs and feel the adrenaline pulsing through their veins thanks to their mood-altering melodies. One similar occurrence had a place in Nepal.

Nepali girls dancing to Thumakda in London

In an effort to pass the time, four Nepalese girls came up with an absolutely beautiful film for their fans. As a result, the video of this Nepalese dance troupe performing to the popular song from “Queen,” London Thumakda, has gone extremely viral online.

Users of social media have ranked the group’s Instagram performance as the most spectacular. A page named @thewingsofficial_ posted the video on Instagram, where it received one million views.

A group of dancers excitedly performs the song London Thumakda in this trending video. You could find yourself replaying her rhythm because of the netizens’ enthusiastic acclaim for her incredible skills.

They danced with such fervor and displayed remarkable moves that they will undoubtedly win your heart.

The video got 11 million views after being posted online. Instagram users expressed their admiration for the band in large numbers in the comments section. Beautiful dancing, a commenter on Instagram wrote. Amazing music and dancing combination. Another person said, “You guys are amazing. After viewing the video, one individual commented, “I phoned her.”

It’s fun to see these females dance to the well-known Hollywood song. Hollywood and Bollywood songs are currently quite popular among young people, and Korean material is also at an entirely new level. Young dancers now have a lot of room on the Internet to show the world what they can do.

On London Thumakda, the girls’ flawless synchronization and dance movements are enough to have anyone up and dancing.

Reactions to the trending video

In the music video, four ladies are shown dancing enthusiastically while wearing loose-fitting pants, sweatshirts, and shoes. When they flawlessly execute the song’s hook step without skipping a beat, the women display some impressive movements. You should witness the enthusiasm and energy because they inspire you to dance. More than a million people have seen the video, and there have been nearly 8000 comments. moving it.

Many claimed they had to keep playing the video on repeat because they couldn’t stop viewing it. “So refreshing!” one person said. Can’t stop gazing,” and “If you want to become viral, employ Indian tunes,” were written by different people. It’s really good to watch other foreigners doing the bhangra, a third said, while a fourth said: “You call it talent…not all that crap and obscene material.”

When the movie Queen first came out, the song became immediately popular and was being streamed on all music streaming services.

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